Adulterated and Counterfeit Fertilizers leading to farmer’s suicide

The problem of farmer suicides has assumed a serious proportion. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), 10% of the total suicide rates in India are suicides by farmers. Millions of unsuspecting Indian farmers spray fake pesticides in their fields or use fake fertilizers which doesn’t only pollute the soil but also bring food security and human health at risk. Farmers are not able to distinguish between fake and genuine product due to lack of awareness. It effects both their crop and money. It’s a double loss when you see the crop wilting away and your money is spent on pesticides that don’t work. Innocent farmers pay full price for the sub-standard product leading to loss of money and huge depression among them. Negative impact on economics of countries due to the reduced return on investment (many governments encourage farmers to use fertilizers by way of financial subsidies).

Fertilizers are often adulterated with fillers which contain harmful chemicals. It has been usually seen that expensive fertilizers are mixed with cheap grade ingredients. Due to low yields, farmers are not able to repay their debts to the bank which causes an unnecessary financial burden.

Continuous deterioration of farming output creates a cause of concern for commodity traders and investors. Moreover, legitimate fertilizer manufacturing companies face a massive financial setback due to the sale of counterfeits and suffer from a poor brand image among consumers which takes years to heal.

We at Utprarit can help with Anti-counterfeiting solutions that can play an important role in curbing counterfeits in the fertilizer manufacturing industry. We have specialized team of volunteers, NGO’s, investigators etc. who can help in successful execution of Actions.

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