1. consumer protection

Taking up causes of consumers, where consumer is cheated by adulteration of food products, fake medicines, fake food products, non complaint electrical and electronic products, fake automotive products, duplicate engineering products, duplicate cement and other building material, fake plastic material causing cancer, duplicate fertilizers and chemical affecting the field output and seriously affecting the agriculture & farmers.

2. legal support to consumers

Proving legal support to consumers as per the following statutes

Consumer protection act

Legal metrology act


Cheat, impersonation, fraud etc u/s  415/42o etc of IPC

Civil matters for compensation for loss of health, money and other safety matters covered under IPC



3. consumer health & education

Providing monitory and other support for loss of health and supporting in the treatment of various illnesses including that of cancer  which is largely caused by use of excessive pesticides etc in the food products, adulteration of the edible items etc.

4. protection against cyber crimes

Providing education to Indian consumers specially inn rural areas on the online frauds in the online shopping web portals, social media and other digital channels. The education is being done in the rural areas as a charity by group of volunteers by direct one to one engagements , road shows and digital interventions.

We also support the consumers as a charity initiative for filing cases under IT act and other cyber crimes against the citizens, which neither have knowledge or money to fight.

5 chid labour

We extensively work for non use of child labor in Industry. We carry out surveys of the various industry clusters and educate the industry, children and their parents on the ill effects of child labour not only on the child & his rights but also the impact it has on the country in many  years to come. We also support for minimum of 1 year all the children thus rescued from the clutches of child labour in Industry by way of enrolling them to school and taking care of their education and food expenses.