Objectives of UCF

UCF is a charitable organization which works in the following areas
1. Protection of Indian citizens against the ill affects of adulterated food products, counterfeit/ fake medicines & other products.
2. Educating citizens (via use of workshops, roadshows, campaigns) on the ill affects on their health, life & safety on the use of various adulterated, fake, non-standard/ non complaint food, FMCG, medicines, electrical, automotive, engineering, building material products etc
3. Working with the departments of government like Food & drug administrator, FSSI, department of health, legal metrology, ISI( BIS) etc to educate consumers and launch drive against the adulterated/ fake products.
4. Engaging with the various standards organizations and test labs for setting up standards for best interest of the Indian consumers
5. Providing legal and administrative support to consumers who have been cheated by the adulterated/ fake/ non complaint products
6. Protecting consumers from the false claims by various products on claims of the benefits and misleading advertisements & endorsements
7. Engaging with the various industry associations for protection of the interest of consumers, representing consumers for various safety & other measures to be adopted by the  various manufacturing/ services organizations
8. Educating citizens particularly in the rural areas on the similar looking products
9. Providing support and voice to consumers who get cheated by the online portals and misleading digital communication on social media and other online channels
10. Training rural citizens on various safeguards to be used on use of online purchase of products & services and also on how to ensure the secrecy of their personal information on all online and social media channels
11. Working with the various departments of the government for protection of child labour in various sectors manufacturing or services sector
12. Educating children against the child labour & their rights and educating parents on exploitation of children being used in industry ( manufacturing or services). The education will also involve make them aware of various schemes of government and also helping them to take benefit of all such schemes
13. The trust will also provide funds to children being used in labour for a limited period of time for rehabilitation of all such children.