Non Complaint Helmets Putting Public At Risk

There is a huge surge in demand for helmets expected in India till 2023. The government on one hand is making the new provisions in the law and educating citizens on safety but on the other hand there is very little check on the quality of the products being manufactured & sold in the market.


There is a total disregard of the safety provisions under BIS standards for making the products complaint with ISI marks. With exception of few large brands, there is a mushrooming of products/ manufacturers which make third grade quality of the helmets which, either falsify ISI mark on the products or not making the products actually complying to the standards.


The job of the government does not stop only at making the riders wear the helmets but also making sure that the helmets actually are safe and in actual need, they provide the safety to the citizens. This is even more important to make sure that the products meet the actual purpose in case of accident and provide safety to the citizens.

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