Fauji cement in India

There is a blatant misuse of MFN status given to Pakistan by India and at the cost of Indian industry and Indian consumer. There is an import of millions of tons of cement manufactured by factories run by army in Pakistan into India. This cement which is just or an average quality is selling at a much lower price in the northern states like Punjab/ Haryana/J&K etc.
This is because of the fact that under the MFN status there is very little or nil custom duty, which has been levied on this imported cement from Pakistan. This on one hand is putting Indian industry at a huge disadvantage as government collects maximum GST on the cement manufactured in India, there by making locally manufactured cement much more expensive.
In addition to this it is putting the country at a huge risk as there could be arms or narcotics which might enter India through this cement racks, which comes by train and it is not possible to search & scan such huge consignments. This is specially more serious as the cement is manufactured in factories controlled by army in Pakistan stand and their hatred for India is not new.
The government of India, the Indian industry, Indian consumers and Indian press as to strongly oppose this kind of import of Fauji Cement to India.

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