Illegal LED lights in India

There is a flooding of illegal LED bulbs in India. While there is a push by the government to incentivize the Indian consumer to shift to LED lights as they consume less energy, but this trade is totally getting out of hand. There are small time assemblers which have emerged all over the country, which import the LED components and assemble the lights in the backyards of their premises. Practically each of the retailers is today becoming a manufacturer/ assembler of LED lights. This practice is putting consumers and the government at a huge disadvantage. These small & unregulated assemblers neither have any quality nor meet any statutory requirements. On top of it they evade GST and cause losses to government.

We at Utprarit Consumer Foundation provide legal support to the consumers to fight against entities involved in manufacturing of LED bulbs which does not comply with the standards and guidelines lead down by various government regulatory bodies like BIS, ISI etc. time to time. We have filed criminal complaint against the aforesaid manufacturers in Karkadooma District Court dated 02.11.2017.
As per the regulations there is mandatory certification (CRO) stipulated by BIS, but these products largely don’t comply with any starboards. Many of these products also fail to meet the statutory requirements of the legal metrology act and put consumer money and safety at huge risk.
The consumers get substandard products and many of these manufactures don’t seem to exist and there is nothing a consumer can do in case of any complaint. There are safety issues involved with these products as they can lead to electric shocks and fire putting life of the consumers at huge risk.
The society and citizens need to act against these manufactures and also boycott the use of such non standard – non complaint products.

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