Illegal cigarettes in India

Indian market is flooded with illegal cigarettes. These cigarettes don’t carry statutory health warning and also does not have legal manufacturing units. This not only puts the Indian consumers at a huge health risk but also takes the nation back as the statutory taxes ( custom duty & local taxes ) have been paid.
It has also been established that illegal money generated by cigarette smuggling and illegal local cigarettes is also used in terror funding & other illegal activities against the Indian state & citizens. This business is thriving because of greed of few individuals and government officials and is taking the country backwards. Cigarettes, which itself is harmful for the consumers health is further compromised because of this illegal & non regulated trade.
There are separate laws like COTPA which govern the illegal cigarettes along with the laws under the Indian customs and DRI.
The need is that the citizens of India not only take a fight against these illegal cigarettes but also stop consuming such cigarettes

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